MMB-CHMINACA (MDMB-CHMINACA) is an indole based cannabinoid that shares some structural similarities with AB-CHMINACA but it has a dimethylbutanoate group

CAS: 832231-92-2
Formula: C23H32N2O3
Molecular weight: 384.510
Compound purity: > 99.7%
Appearance: Powder
IUPAC: methyl 2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxamido)-3,3-dimethylbutanoate
Synonyms: MDMB-CHMICA, analogue MA-CHMINACA


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Buy MMB-CHMINACA Online. MMB-CHMINACA (also known as MDMB-CHMICA,MMBC) is an indole based synthetic cannabinoid, which has been sold as a designer drug and as an active ingredient in synthetic cannabis blends.  It is the indole core analogue of AB-CHMINACA. Buy MMB-CHMINACA online


New discoveries are expanding our understanding of synthetic cannabinoids, and the latest research alternative looks very intriguing. MMB-CHMINACA, also known under the name MDMB-CHMICA, is an indole-based compound that bears structural similarities with AB-CHMINACA and may exhibit a similar type of impact on the molecular level. The substance is believed to be a powerful binding agent for central cannabinoid receptors (CB1) and researchers should be careful to design their laboratory experiments and measure the reagents very precisely when working with MMB-CHMINACA. Buy MMB-CHMINACA online

The main structural feature that sets MMB-CHMINACA apart from other indole cannabinoids is the presence of the dimethylbutanoate group in the molecular chain. Very few reliable studies have been done on this substance, so its exact biochemical and toxicological properties have not been properly verified and are largely assumed based on comparisons with related compounds. The substance has the appearance of white crystalline powder, while all samples ordered from our online store are meticulously tested for purity and integrity before shipping. Buy MMB-CHMINACA online

MMB-CHMINACA (MDMB-CHMINACA) (also incorrectly known as MMB-CHMINACA) is an indole-based synthetic cannabinoid that is a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor and has been sold online as a designer drug.



MMB-CHMINACA (MDMB-CHMINACA) is an indole based cannabinoid that shares some structural similarities with AB-CHMINACA but it has a dimethylbutanoate group. This compound appears to have significantly greater in-vitro binding affinities than many of the current cannabinoids and researchers should take this into account when carefully planning their experiments and the amount of material to deploy onto cellular substrates. Buy MMB-CHMINACA online.

The group of synthetic cannabinoids is very diverse and new products are frequently added to the list and presented to the worldwide community. However, the arrival of MMB-CHMINACA to the scene caused unusual amount of attention due to unique features this chemical possesses. While this indole-based cannabinoid is not too distant from AB-CHMINACA (with the exception of a dimethylbutanoate group), its suspected impact on the CB1 and CB2 receptors is far stronger per unit, necessitating smaller quantity of active substance to meet the objective of the experiment. Buy MMB-CHMINACA online


MMB-CHMINACA has the appearance of a white powder, suitable for safe storage and handling inside of a laboratory. Formally defined by the very complex chemical formula (2S)-methyl-2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1 H-indol-3-ylcarbonylamino)-3,3-dimethylbutanoate, this synthetic cannabinoid is brand new on the market and enjoys great demand from international researchers at the moment. Its molecular formula is C23H32N2O3 and its molecular mass stands at 384.5 g/mol. Buy MMB-CHMINACA online
Novel chemicals such as MMB-CHMINACA should be treated with extreme caution and measured very precisely, taking into account high purity that is standard for all of our deliveries. Any legal consequences of the order are sole responsibility of the customers, so we advise everyone to check the state of local regulations before ordering synthetic cannabinoids and other chemicals from our online store. Buy MMB-CHMINACA online